Activated Air and Bodywork

Eng3’s Activated Air device helps solves what I believe is the most perplexing dilemma in bodywork:  “Power Vs. Force.” I have been a Rolfer, Integrated Manual Therapist, and Berry worker for 25 years.  My conclusion, after treating thousands of difficult injuries, is that Power Vs. Force is the paradox that makes us fail. A large percentage of people who come to see us for alternative help are stuck in the no man’s land between power and force; they are too shattered for the force of high velocity adjustments, yet too bound up for the more gentle power of energy techniques such as cranial sacral and visceral manipulation.  I use the Activated Air device to provide more power, thus demanding less force, in order to get change and release.  It is a remarkable tool.

AF turquoise_01

The first time I used Actived Air, I was working with a woman who had been in more than 10 car accidents; starting with a blow by a car when she was 4 years old .  I was just trying the machine as a demo and had few expectations for it. I hooked up a nasal cannula and started the patient inhaling the enhanced molecules of the Actived Air. I began to work.

Within minutes her tissues began to change beneath my fingers. This woman was a familiar patient and I knew her injuries.  Suddenly places I could never access began to move. The texture of the tissue beneath my hands went from feeling like a tough piece of steak to becoming as soft and pliable as tapioca.  I was able to make changes with less energy but, even more importantly, stuck places which never would have let go began to respond…especially in the bones.   Later, I employed percussor vibratory massage tools to augment this release and found there was almost no trauma injury which was too ensnarled for this combination of Activated Air and vibration to let go.  This approach solves the paradox of “Power vs. Force” in bodywork

The techniques I have developed draw on many different modalities and are not easily described. However, I am working to make what I have learned available to other bodywork practitioners. If you want to learn more about Activated Air, visit their web site The site may not have specific information about use of Eng3’s Activated Air device in bodywork but there is good information about the device and its benefits.