Joan R. B., LICSW

I have had several severe car accidents, scoliosis and plantar fasciitis. I’ve gone to numerous body workers over the last 30 years. I’ve been Rolfed, had Cranial Sacral work, Trager massage, Feldenkrais work, done Pilates and yoga, had Laser therapy, chiropractic and others I can’t even remember. I can say in all honesty that the body work I’ve had with Brian Dobbs is the most effective treatment I’ve ever experienced.  When I began with Brian nine months ago I could not walk very far, nor was I interested in trying. I am now walking 10,000 steps a day and loving it.

Nayoung K.
professional violinist

I came to Brian after weeks of physical therapy and unsuccessful visits to a chiropractor and osteopath for my hip pain. Upon recommendation from a friend who had been seeing Brian for years, I called and made an appointment. The other avenues I had taken were met with mixed results and an MRI was not conclusive as to what might be causing my pain.
It wasn’t until after my first visits with Brian that I felt confident enough to walk around my neighborhood again. Also, the discomfort I had sitting and driving has gradually diminished. I feel grateful to know of Brian’s expertise and feel I’ve made significant progress with Vascular Bone Therapy.

Diane G, PhD
Seattle WA

Brian's techniques take bodywork to an entirely new level. Intense study,
an inquisitive mind and an natural gift for healing, make Brian extremely effective. I have been in two serious car accidents, each taking a huge bite out of my life. Since 1989, I have been working on my return to health. Many wonderful practitioners have helped me along the way.:  Feldenkrais, Myofascial Release, Rolfing, Active Isolated Stretching, COLD Laser, Yoga, Acutonics and Bioresonance Therapy, all produced measurable improvement. But they were not enough. I was blocked by a twisted spine and pelvis that wore out one hip joint.

    The VBT approach Brian has developed released spasms in my torso, allowing my spine to unwind and, in a single session, moved me out of near-constant extreme discomfort. Follow-up sessions dramatically improved movement in my spine and hips making it possible to do many activities that were out of the question before. Brian is one of the most insightful and talented people I have ever met. I recommend him to anyone who has experienced injury from physical trauma.
It is also worth mentioning that Brian’s approach compliments all of the modalities mentioned above. It would be wonderful to see practitioners in these fields, and other body workers, collaborating with Brian for the benefit of their clients.

Jim Mihara

I have had several episodes of intense sciatic discomfort over the years, mostly, I believe, from playing soccer. In each instance Brian was able to alleviate the immediate discomfort in just one session, although balancing the rest of the torso would take several more sessions. Eventually, Brian was able to address the fundamental susceptibility which was caused by subtle imbalances and traumas relating back to childhood injuries and surgeries. Now I play soccer more than ever and the sciatic problem has not returned.

Eric Jorgenson
Engineer, Seattle, Wa.

I first came to see Brian, I had significant body discomfort, ranging from back injury twenty years earlier and limited movement in one shoulder from a skiing fall. I had grown accustomed to my back issues, and I offset the shoulder limitations by using my other arm more. began to notice vast improvements in myI conditions from Brian’s bone vascular therapy. Each session saw another layer of these deep injuries shed away. Today the discomfort in my back is nearly fully relieved, and I have full movement in my shoulder.