Contact and Directions for Brian Dobbs

Office:   Brian Dobbs, does his Bonewhispering work from his home office in the North End of Seattle.  Below is address, directions, and phone number.

In the North Seattle:
Address: 322 N.W. 103rd Street
Seattle Washington, 98177
Phone:  206-781-5923

Directions to North Seattle:  322 N.W. 103rd Street, Seattle 98177

Take North Gate Way exit from I-5
Go West on North Gate Way- coming from the North:, take a right on North Gate way at  1st light

From the South:

Take a left at first light, then another left under freeway onto Northgate Way

Proceed down Northgate Way past Aurora and Greenwood Avenue.  At Greenwood the road take a jag but follow the jag and stay on the main arterial.

The light after Greenwood take a right onto 3rd Ave N.W.

At the first light take a left onto N.W. 103rd Ave.

100 yards down on the right side you will come to the first set of townhouses.  There is a cement driveway going up between the two sets of Townhouses.

Park  out front on the road and walk up the cement driveway between the two sets of townhouses. When you get to the top of the driveway, you will see a wooden fence in front of you at about 20 yards.  #322 N.W. 103rd Street is attached onto the left side of that fence. The number is written beside the door.