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Bonewhispering Classes 2021-22

Dates for classes

Introductory class-Sept. 24 For new students

Legs class-Oct 15 and 16

Pelvis class-Nov 19

Spine-Jan. 14

Neck and shoulders-Feb. 18

Classes start at 9:30 and end at 5:00 P.M.

Class maximum 12 students
Cost-$125 for 2 day classes $100 for one day.

These classes are offered to give practitioners a basic education in the skills of Bonewhispering.
They are designed not to supplant other expertise but rather to add a fascinating and valuable tool. Over the past 17 years Bonewhispering has matured to encompass systems throughout the body. It is as effective working on the cranium as it is powerful with the extremities, thorax and pelvis. For those with other training, the techniques will help to release deep seated bone spasms to enable wonderful skills like cranial sacral, visceral manipulation, deep tissue, Feldenkrais, and others. It is truly amazing how often pain has its origins within the bones themselves.

  1.  Our first class is an introduction into the Bonewhipserer paradigm  for new students.  It lays both a foundation for students going forward in the training and also gives information for those broadening their horizons. Required for therapists  interested in further instruction.   No license to touch is necessary.  Lecture and hands on starting at 9:30 and going till 5:00.
  2. The basics class  jumps into Bonewhispering with both feet; (And legs.)   In two days we will learn  about the fluid/bone system and apply it to the legs. With the information learned in class you can treat  knee, ankle, thigh and calf injuries.
  3. The remaining workshops will focus on healing techniques for the pelvis, lower back,  shoulders arms and cranium; giving the student tools to deal with whatever trauma they are faced with in their practices.

Who will be successful at this workshop?

Bonewhispering favors those who have a feel for deep tissue. In my viewpoint, bones are just really thick fascia. If you have developed the part of your brain which feels the complex spider-like web of fascia, then that skill transfers to bone spasms. To be truthful, this is not a beginners course. You simply must have the basic sensitivity of touch or you will be lost in the complex world of bones. That being said, anyone who has worked with bodies as a hands on therapist will be experienced in the feel of fascia. I also know determination and personality type play an important part in persisting with any job. Bonewhispering requires some grit. You will quickly have people in your practice who have heard you can do powerful things. In reality, if you are a professional now, you already have those people coming to you. But this work will fill your practice when you gain its skills . You will fail sometimes, as I fail sometimes, but the practitioners who develop in this helping work are those who keep at it. I am open to someone with a little less experience who will get up off the floor and learn something. This work also favors those with an open field. Because it has to do with vibration, meditators and those who have strived to raise their consciousness thrive.

Lastly, please no tourists. I am only interested in people with working practices. To develop your ability with bones, you need to have your hands on people. Even the basics of this work can help an untold number of patients. My only interest here is to get this work out and help those living crippled lives. It is astounding how many people suffer for decades with problems as simple as a twisted bone. Also required is a current license to do hands on work in Washington

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Introductory Class

Bonewhispering challenges our mechanical paradigm;  in its place this work offers a  new blueprint based on fluid forces intertwining every cell of the body to produce our movement and protection.  The name for this is biotensegrity.

This class is designed to give a basis for students to learn clinical work.  But it is also offered to others interested in taking it's unique viewpoint into other fields such as medicine, science, and engineering.  No  hands on  license is needed for this introduction but will be required for further study.

Everyone knows 80% to 90% our body mass  is composed of water.  It is truly absurd to think our  movement and protection does not employ fluid.  This class will show, through hands on work and instruction, how our aqua-body, coursed through with special water, is the basis for 80% of our strength and is the home for 80% of our injuries.    It will set the stage for therapists to learn techniques taught in later classes but also be user friendly for others without bodywork technical knowledge.