The Method

All therapies have two stages; assessment and intervention.  Listening to the bones represents the assessment stage of Bonewhispering.  For intervention, Brian developed Vascular Bone Therapy, a revolutionary new paradigm in bodywork.

bonwhisperer drawing

Assessment : Bonewhispering

Bones would seem too dense a body part to “whisper” or listen to. But bones are much different in their true reality than the popular view of them. Far from being fossilized, living bones throb with red blood cells, bend and spring with movement, talk to each other, and have an intelligence that we tap when we “feel it in our bones.”

Bones are made of 40% collagen or connective tissue. This stretchy ground substance is responsible for the bounce in bones. When the body experiences trauma, a bone becomes “spasmed”, and it loses its elasticity.

The body can protect itself from a blow in any direction with great power and accuracy.

The complexity of this protection is like a chaos system, it is impossible to predict intellectually. By placing bean bag pillows at important “fulcrum “ points, the Bonewhisperer can palpate areas that lack elasticity and records his findings on a map, as is on the left. This map of bone spasms is a colored checklist which allows the practitioner to be accurate in his assessment and intervention.

Intervention: Vascular Bone Therapy

Vascular Bone Therapy solves the paradox between power and force many patients are caught in; too shattered for high velocity adjustments yet too compressed for light work such as cranial sacral. This approach uses the gentle power of percussor massage tools with the energy of Activated Air to release deep holdings in the bone and its relationship to the veins and arteries.  Vascular Bone Therapy is not an adjustment to the bones, but rather a deep massage of the connective tissue within the bones.

When the therapist releases the vasculature, taking the “spasm” out of the bones, the body goes back into balance with a relief from symptoms.

Bones 10 hands on
Bones 37 w percussors

The Bonewhisperer also uses other modalities from his extensive training in deep tissue, visceral manipulation, cranial sacral, mechanical link and integrative manual therapy. All of these powerful therapies are helpful after the bones are released.