Working With Ankles and Feet

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There is a lot to like about the ankle joint. It has a simplicity and mechanical clarity which other joints could envy. If you start from the neck, go to the shoulder, then down the vertebrae to the lower back and through the sacrum and end up in the ankle, each joint gets progressively more…

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The Epidemic of Forceps Injuries In the Pool of Hurt

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Do you have a bad back or neck? A lifetime of poor digestion? Trouble with your hips? Headaches? Have you tried everything? Take this test. Feel above and behind the orbits of your eyes. Is there a groove on each side? If there is you may have a forceps syndrome. If there are no forceps…

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When Your Body Still Hurts

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By the time we are 50 most of us hurt; a sore knee after skiing, a hip which aches, a foot with a bunion. These are bothers. If you’ve ever shared a ski lift with a group of greybeards you know most people won’t let this stop them. But since you are reading this article,…

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Sometimes Two Hands Are Not Enough

two person's connecting fingers

In Vascular Bone Therapy and bone whispering we always work from three directions in spirals. Usually by having the patient hold one percussor. After you have worked this way for many hours it feels odd and ineffective to work from two dimensions. I began to wonder who decided physical therapy was a two handed endeavor?…

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Summary of the Article The Development of VBT

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Brian Dobbs had been a Certified Rolfer and Licensed Massage Therapist for 15 years when he became badly injured and could find no help. In his search for a solution between 2001 and 2009, he developed a new paradigm in bodywork: Vascular Bone Therapy (VBT). During that time he learned to listen to the subtle…

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The Development of Bonewhispering and Vascular Bone Therapy

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A Bonewhisperer is a therapist who understands the hidden language of bones and is able to heal them with gentle methods. “Force always creates counterforce; it is limited by definition…where as power on the other hand is still, it is like a standing field which doesn’t move. Gravity itself for instance does not move against…

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